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Captain / Private Boat Training

I first drove a boat with my father at about age 8. Later, I explored the water's of my native Sarasota in a 13ft Boston Whaler before earning a captains license at 19 and then completing a circumnavigation as captain of a 112' sailing yacht. Driving a boat can be stressful, but a lifetime on the water has taught me to understand and manage it's challenges. In addition to being a lifelong mariner, I have also been a teacher for over a decade, in the dive and professional yachting industries. Personal observation has led me to believe that my skills are valuable to the average recreational boater looking to de-stress and get more from their on water experience. I am available on a limited basis to conduct personalized, hands on boat training, or to be hired as a private captain. I can be contacted at and via the drop down menu under the "About Bryant" tab. 

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